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Bid History of:
Lot: 1 - Potbelly Pig (#1044135734)

If you have any questions about this item, please contact the seller using the link provided below. Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item.

Last bid for this item: 45.00 USD
Date auction ends: 02/14/13 10:46:00
Date auction starts: 01/31/13 10:31:00
Seller: Dallas County
First bid at: 15.00 USD
Number of bids made: 7 (may include multiple bids by the same bidder)
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Bids Placed
(ordered highest bid to lowest bid and oldest to newest)
User: (Rating) Bid: Quantity: Date:
lupe844 45.00 USD102/14/13 10:39:00
raudel0329 40.00 USD102/14/13 10:34:00
Benicio 35.00 USD102/14/13 10:30:00
raudel0329 30.00 USD102/14/13 10:30:00
Benicio 25.00 USD102/14/13 09:06:00
A&A AUTOS 20.00 USD102/14/13 09:01:00
raudel0329 15.00 USD102/11/13 18:43:00

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